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Structural Calculation and Geotechnical consulting

Experienced Specialist in Paca Geotechnical Engineering Ltd

Through my companies : Paca Geotechnical Engineering Ltd & Paca Geotechnical Engineering FZE LLC, I provide an array of services, which are covered with a suitable Professional Insurance. They include:

  • Structural calculations of new buildings in reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, and timber frame
  • Structural calculation of house extension, and loft conversion; 
  • Seismic calculation
  • Basement Impact assessment and Ground movement assessment reports
  • Calculations of Piled , raft and shallow foundation
  • Settlement / ground movement analysis / allowable bearing capacity
  • Foundations underpinning
  • Retaining walls in contiguous piles
  • Temporary works design,working platform and Pile mat
  • Slopes stability analysis
  • Embankments and earthworks design
  • Ground improvement
  • Ground reinforcement using ground anchors and nails
  • Hydraulic failure

To achieve the finest results, I work with architects, civil engineering firms, construction companies, and both commercial and residential developers during all stages of the project. To request a free quote, please send an email to paolopitasi07@gmail.com.

Contact me to receive structural and geotechnical engineering services from an experienced civil engineer.

About Paolo

When your project relies heavily on an understanding of earth materials, make sure you consult a specialist in geotechnical engineering. Working with customers throughout the UK, I’m Paolo, a chartered civil engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Through my company, Paca Geotechnical Engineering Ltd, I provide a consultancy service that is tailored to deal with structural and geotechnical engineering. Despite the quality of my work, I strive to maintain affordable and competitive prices.